3 Common High-quality Yoga Clothing Fabrics You Need to Know in 2022

Here we are introducing 3 common fabrics to you, hope it will be helpful for you before buying yoga apparel at sporting wear store.

Ribbed nylon is thicker than traditional fabrics, so a knitting process is used to improve and improve air permeability, which not only retains the original extensibility and high elasticity, but also gives good moisture absorption and breathability.
The more stable support is ideal for moderate to high-intensity yoga fitness exercises. From now on, go beyond who you were yesterday and unleash your potential.

Ribbed nylon


The surface of the brushed fabric forms a layer with short piles, which has a skin-like texture and meets all your requirements for skin-friendly and nude feeling. It is soft and light, delicate and soft, and wears it as if there is nothing to wear. You must have the courage to try new things. Start your yoga fitness naked journey now.

brushed fabric

Nylon lightweight fabrics are among the best in abrasion resistance of all types of fabrics and are extremely durable. It has both good hygroscopicity and elastic and elastic recovery, suitable for medium and high-intensity sports. Fits like the skin and is the workhorse of yoga and fitness.

yoga wear fabric

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