Active Wear Fitness Fashion Trends in 2022

As life seems to be returning to normal, does this mean that casual wear and sportswear will take a back seat to fashion? Most fashion experts are skeptical. The world's love affair with athleisure will continue to grow, with fashionistas around the world still hoping to stay stylish through Tai Chi or tennis.

The sportswear market accounted for 40 per cent of all online sales last year, according to US market research firm NPD Group. Wearing gym clothes that make us look and feel good not only gives us motivation to work out, but also boosts our confidence. Here are the sportswear trends you can trust for 2022.

Active Wear Fitness Fashion Trends in 2022

With the pandemic still looming, the rise of casual sportswear remains popular, and the trend seems to be moving forward. Athleisure is the fastest growing clothing category in fashion, seemingly driven by a new trend toward wellness goals, not to mention endorsements by celebrities and influencers on social media. The distinction between sportswear and day wear is becoming a very gray line, often giving fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate between the two.

Lead the way with environmental impact in 2022. Bodybuilders have become more environmentally conscious over the past few years, and they need a clearer understanding of how their clothes are produced when looking for organic and recyclable clothing. Some sportswear sites even allow users to categorize products according to their preferred sustainability approach.

Find fun and fun bras. Tailored bras are sure to be big this year, and crop tops are here to stay as a 'girl'. Keeping up with the athleisure moment, the hip gym-goer might work out in a crop top bra, then slip into a comfy cardigan or blazer to run errands or meet up for brunch.

High-waisted pants continue to hit the gym this winter and spring. What did we do without them? Stretch any way you want; These belly coverings make us look flatter during almost any yoga pose. We probably won't see many low-rise pants for a long time, so please make post-holiday sales or snap up some of your favorites online.
Biker shorts are still going strong in 2022. These tight stretch shorts may not be for everyone, but once you get used to the silhouette, you can jazz up the look with a colorful metallic top for winter. If you prefer material around your legs, capris and boot pants are another great workout option.

All sizes
Men, women and children of all shapes and sizes are exercising, so companies are responding by expanding in size, length and variety. Many companies now include plus-size models in their ads and online. Some brands are breaking down barriers and targeting women of all shapes and sizes, including curvy, tall, slim and petite.
In August, Old Navy® announced the launch of Bodequality, which aims to offer all women's sizes 0 to 30 and XS to 4X, all priced the same and sold in the same areas in stores and online. Other companies offer similar programs, stating that everyone should look and feel good in tracksuits.

It's no secret that bright colors make us feel good, so bold, beautiful colors will still be snapped up as we continue to experience a pandemic. And, if you're a fan of the 2021 color block trend, you can still lunge and squat in monochrome matching hues in 2022.
Fitness fads in earth tones such as brown and green are also readily available. Still popular in 2022 are camouflage and animal prints that help us feel more confident and connected to nature.

The style of science and technology
Sportswear can be used for a variety of purposes. Modern brands are combining technology with fitness to create everything from socks to shirts to hats that possess some sort of performance-enhancing technology while still keeping up with fashion trends.

The company is using compression material optimization technology. Leggings and performance tops made from compression help pump blood through the muscles, which AIDS in hypertrophy, exertion, fatigue management and post-workout recovery. The options are endless and are worn by professional athletes on a daily basis. Technology-driven clothing continues to evolve, so taking your fitness game to the next level is easier than ever.

As long as people are exercising, fitness wear will continue to evolve to meet demand. Next year looks no different. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of everyday sportswear, with the athleisure industry expected to be worth $83 billion by the end of 2022. There are a lot of workout clothes to choose from, and fashion is always part of your workout.

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