How to Avoid Panty Lines in Yoga Pants?

Most women like to wear tight workout gear for training. However, most of they may face the same problem: how to wear yoga pants or leggings without underwear lines?

You are not the only one who is struggling with what to dress underneath. Visible panty lines can appear when you have tight pants or leggings. It doesn’t give you a neater and slender look but can bring some embarrassing moments.

So, how do you hide underwear lines in leggings? There are solutions that can prevent or help you get rid of this nasty situation. Let's find out!

Choose the style of underwear

Before we delve into this question: How to wear yoga pants or leggings without wearing underwear lines? You should understand the importance of the right size.

It is necessary to choose the right size underwear. If you have stretchy bite marks on your skin, your skin is tight. It can cause discomfort and legging lines. When you feel like you have extra fabric on your butt, your underwear is loose for you. It creates bulges and creases under your pants.

So, what style of underwear can help you get rid of the panty lines of yoga pants?



The first option you can choose to wear under your workout gear is the thong, also known as "no reveal" or "seamless." It's usually seamless, so it's nearly impossible to see a thong through yoga pants.

Nylon or spandex thongs are highly recommended if you don't want harsh lines on your skin. Before training in a thong, remember to try out some positions, such as squatting, sitting, and bending, to make sure nothing is wrong.

Thongs can reveal themselves in these positions, so you're better off wearing high-rise pants rather than low-rise ones.

Seamless Panties


If you don't know how to wear yoga pants or leggings without underwear lines, seamless panties are another option. This common type of panty guarantees that you won't see panty lines.

Cotton is a breathable and comfortable material, but too heavy for laser-cut styles. Therefore, seamless panties are usually synthetic, such as nylon or spandex.

The tip here is to go for nude or seamless underwear that matches the theme of your workout gear. In this way, you don't have to worry about the panty line of the sweatpants anymore. Especially if your leggings are sheer, seamless panties can be of great help.

Boys Shorts


If you find any of the above underwear uncomfortable, it's time to try boy shorts. If you can find some seamless boys shorts, it will be an ideal choice to prevent your VPL.

Remember to smooth them out when putting on your workout clothes to avoid harsh lines. You're better off wearing baggy shorts or pants rather than super tight ones.

Choosing a Panties Free Workout Gear 

 Nude_Feeling_Panties_Free_One_Piece _Leggings

Making of nude feeling silky formfitting fabrics, all-in-one yoga leggings can effectively solve this problem.

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Nude_Feeling_Panties_Free_One_Piece _Leggings

Go out without underwear

If you're brave enough and your bottoms are dark and thick, don't wear panties.

How to wear yoga pants or leggings without wearing underwear lines. "Commando" is one of the answers, but it can be susceptible. Make sure you wear clothing with maximum coverage.

If you don't want to embarrass yourself in public, try walking around the house first.

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