How to choose sports pants? Which fabric is good for sports pants?

In our daily life, we can often see people wearing sports pants. Sports pants are a very popular type of pants. Many people still have high requirements for the fabrics of sports pants. Good fabrics are breathable and comfortable.

How to choose sports pants?

1. Know your waist circumference (if the unit is cm, divide by 2.54, if the unit is feet and inches, multiply by 33.3 and then divide by 2.54)

Choose the trousers of the size closest to this number (preferably in centimeters, which is more accurate, such as a waist circumference of 2 feet 2, which is approximately equal to 1825px, approximately equal to 28.8 inches, so you should choose a size 29 trousers), no matter what style it is Pants, the size represents a person who is suitable for the waist size, and the scaling of the specific size is based on the specific type of the style;

2. According to the specific size provided by the seller

First look at the size of the front crotch of the pants (the distance between the cross seam of the pants and the top center of the front center, the cross seam is the place where the crotch is cross-stitched) to determine the waist height of the pants on your body. The judgment here is also to take out your own waist. Compare taller pants to judge, then measure the waist circumference of your own pants, and then compare it with the waist circumference of the pants introduced by the seller, and choose the right size.

How to choose sports pants

Which fabric is good for sports pants?

Boys should wear slightly looser ones. It is recommended that you buy polyester fabrics. Generally, the ratio of polyester to spandex is more than 80% to 20%, because such fabrics have good perspiration, breathability and comfort. Like now Adidas and Nike are basically using such a collocation principle. The same is recommended for girls, but girls’ pants should be a little tighter, only fitting clothes can wear a more perfect figure and confidence.

Which fabric is good for sports pants

What kind of crowd is suitable for sports pants?

Sports pants are the first choice for young people. Sports pants represent a kind of fashion and vigor. Wearing sports pants can not only show your beautiful figure well, but also make you full of confidence. Adults will be a few years younger immediately when they wear sports pants, and they will be excited when they walk as well as goya wear make they more confirmtable when they do stretch. Students look more energetic when wearing sports pants. The upper body is matched with school uniforms. The student bag makes the image of students more energetic and vigorous. Students are generally more active. The abrasion resistance of sports pants solves the worries of parents of students. Office workers, wear sports pants on your lower body and wear professional or casual clothes to make your appearance full of confidence. Sunshine Whether in a bright and bright office or entertainment and shopping during leisure time, sports pants will be Your first choice for travel.

 What kind of crowd is suitable for sports pants



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