How to choose sportswear?

Exercise has become an important form of modern people's resistance to high-pressure life and sub-health. Workout wear is popular among young people because of its comfortable wearing and versatile styles. Good sportswear not only has no sense of restraint, allowing the wearer to stretch the body freely during exercise, and some can also provide good sports protection. Let's take a look at how to choose your favorite sportswear with the editor.

How to choose sportswear

Choose professional sports bras

It is easy to damage the ligament tissue of the breast during exercise and fitness, which affects the beauty of the curve and damages the soft tissue. Be sure to choose high support sports bra with low elasticity of the shoulder straps. When purchasing, you can hold one end of the shoulder strap with one hand and hold the middle of the cup with one hand to test the elasticity of the shoulder strap. The elasticity of the fabric on the edge of the cup should also be small in order to provide good support for the chest during exercise.

Choose sportswear according to seasonal needs

In the hot summer, sportswear should choose light, loose, and breathable fabrics, and the function of moisture absorption and sweat wicking should also be good. In the autumn and winter seasons, you should choose sportswear that can not only save heat, but also emit moisture. Try to choose skin-friendly and soft fabrics, simple shapes without excessive decoration, to ensure that the skin will not be injured by the clothes during exercise.

How to choose sportswear

Choose sportswear according to actual sports needs

It is advisable to choose self-cultivation sportswear for indoor exercise in the gym. Self-cultivation sportswear can clearly feel the changes in the body's muscles and make the movements more in place. Outdoors, loose-fitting sportswear such as running pants is more suitable. It won't hold back sweat, and won't stick to the body after sweating, bringing an uncomfortable exercise experience. However, yoga and other exercises with large body movements should not be loose and easy to run out. Therefore, it is necessary to choose simple and comfortable professional sports clothing with good ventilation performance according to the sports content, which can improve the sports effect.

Choose sportswear according to your body shape

Reasonable selection of sportswear styles can effectively transfer physical weaknesses. Generally, people with a larger body will sweat a lot during exercise and lose more water. The choice should be based on personal circumstances. Choose sportswear with strong water absorption and loose styles. It is recommended to choose simple and practical styles to avoid causing problems. A sense of visual cumbersomeness. Don't choose too tight-fitting sportswear, this will expose the shortcomings of the body.

Sportswear for differenent body shape

In fact, there are many factors in choosing sportswear, but the biggest purpose is comfort and convenience, which can maximize the protection of our body. While the sportswear of major brands meets the above characteristics, it can also take into account consumers' needs for matching and fashion.


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