How to Choose Sun Protection Arm Sleeves?

Why do we need sun protection sleeves?

In summer, most people wear short sleeves for outdoor sports. At this time, the exposed arms are particularly vulnerable to the stimulation and damage of ultraviolet rays. After wearing the sun protection sleeves, it can effectively block ultraviolet rays, play a certain role in sun protection and protect the skin.

sun protection sleeves

How to Choose Sun Protection Arm Sleeves?


  • Red: Sunscreen sleeves made of red fabric can better block ultraviolet rays and sunscreen. Because red has a longer wavelength of light, it is a color with a strong ability to reflect ultraviolet rays.
  • Black: It has the advantages of good heat dissipation and good sun protection effect.
  • Dark blue: also good at reflecting UV rays.

Generally speaking, the sun protection effect of dark colors is better than that of light colors. However, light colors such as white are more versatile and good-looking, and are more popular among female customers.


Most cotton sunscreen sleeves are not 100% pure cotton, but also contain a small amount of other ingredients. For example, cotton + polyester; or cotton + spandex, or cotton + ice silk, etc. The differences between the various components are described below.

  • Polyester: Polyester is the material of polyester fiber. In the molecular structure of polyester, it contains a molecule called benzene ring. The benzene ring can play a very good role in preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the fabric and causing damage to the skin. The sunscreen effect is very good . If you need good sun protection, you can choose polyester sun protection sleeves.
  • Spandex: Spandex is an elastic fiber with good elasticity, good sweat resistance and abrasion resistance. If these are the functions you are looking for, you can choose spandex sunscreen sleeves.
  • Ice Silk: A kind of viscose fiber, which has good hygroscopicity, is smooth and cool, and has good air permeability, and also has a certain function of protecting against ultraviolet rays. Ice silk sleeves are widely used in cooling arm sleeves to provide athletes with a comfortable and cool texture.

sun protection sleeves


When purchasing sun protection sleeves, you should also refer to the density of the sun protection sleeves. Generally speaking, sun protection sleeves of the same size are better with higher density. The heavier the sun protection sleeve, the denser it will be.


Try to choose products with high protection factor and low transmittance. When purchasing, carefully check the packaging label and pay attention to the UV protection performance (protection factor (UPF value) and transmittance (UVA value)) indicators on the label. Try to choose UPF>40, UVA <5% of the product. Sunscreen clothing with too low protection factor and too high transmittance will not be able to provide proper protection.

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