How to choose yoga wear?

1. The stretchability is not good, so it is not suitable for gym yoga pants.

Can all brands of sports pants be made into yoga pants? the answer is negative. Yoga generally has a lot of body stretching exercises. Non-professional yoga clothes, or pants fabric density is not enough, or elastic stretch is not good enough, once the stretching action is particularly large, either the pants jacquard is deformed or the bottoms are revealed. , Or tear. The pants in some Internet celebrity stores are only suitable for casual sports and jogging. As a yoga wear, first of all, make sure whether the underwear will see through when doing stretching exercises.

How to choose yoga wear

2. Indian bloomers are not suitable for yoga pants.

The large bloomers are very close to the Indian style that everyone imagines. The bloomers are too wide. During standing exercises, you cannot see through the mirror whether your knees are overstretched, whether the upper and lower leg muscles are rotating, or even pinched. When doing brick exercises (find the feeling of internal rotation of the thigh muscles and force), wide bloomers...can only be worn cross-legged for meditation. 

How to choose yoga wear

3. It is not suitable to choose loose clothing.

If you feel sweaty, looser clothes are cooler? Some yoga poses are too big, and the clothes are looser, so there is room for them. So...if there are male members in the same gym who practice together...a simple dog, you will be gone. Oh. There are many upside-down poses in yoga. If clothing cannot wrap the body, it is very easy to slide. As shown in the picture below, the waist is not tightened, and it slides left and right when the movement is large... The style is also very big.

4. It is not suitable to choose pure cotton clothing.

Pure cotton clothing tends to stick to the body as soon as it sweats, and the elasticity is too small, there will be restrictions when the body stretches.

In summary, in the choice of yoga clothes, try to use quick-drying elastic fabrics as much as possible. The clothes are wrapped in the body, and there are chest pads (to protect the chest during the beating action, and the pants allow you to clearly observe the knees and muscle lines.

How to choose yoga wear

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