How to clean sports bras? Can it be washed in a washing machine?

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to figure and health, and they join the ranks of fitness. Due to fitness needs, women will buy sports bras from sporting wear stores to protect their breasts during exercise.

People usually go to the gym after get off work. They are tired after fitness and they have to wash their fitness clothes. Many people choose sports underwear and wash them directly with other clothes in a washing machine. It is simple and convenient. Can it be machine washed?

How to clean sports bras? Can it be washed in a washing machine?

Can sports underwear be machine washed?

First of all, we first confirm the label of the sports underwear. The label will indicate whether it is machine washable. If it is clearly not machine washable, it cannot be placed in the washing machine.

The biggest function of womens sports bra is to provide support and fix the chest. Direct machine washing will deform the sports underwear and reduce its elasticity, which will affect the effect of use.

Therefore, in fact, it is not recommended to machine-wash sports underwear directly. Machine washing will cause deformation of sports underwear and shorten the life of sports underwear.

Precautions for machine washing of sports underwear

Some gym outfits are clearly marked that they can be machine washed. In this case, it is best to put the sports underwear in a laundry bag and wash it with a little detergent. Using a cleaning bag can prevent sports underwear from being entangled with other clothing and deforming sports underwear. When cleaning, a little cleaning fluid is enough. Sports underwear is usually cleaned immediately after exercise, mainly to remove sweat. Using too much cleaning fluid may damage the fibers of sports underwear.

How to clean sports bras? Can it be washed in a washing machine?

How to clean sports underwear correctly?

The best cleaning method is to use warm water, a little cleaning fluid, and gently wash with your hands to avoid rubbing hard and deforming the sports underwear. If the sweat is heavy, try soaking for 15 minutes before washing. If the sports underwear still smells after washing, or is obviously deformed and loose after washing, in this case, it is recommended not to wear sports again. At this time, sports underwear almost loses its original elasticity and support.

In summary, for the elasticity and support of sports underwear, and the effect of use, sports underwear is washed. Don’t wear deformed sports underwear anymore. You can’t save money but affect your breast health.

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