How to match a sports top?

How to match a sports top?

With the constant changes in fashion trends, sports style has become a favorite style of many people. It is relaxed, comfortable and full of vitality. So what kind of pants should match women's workout tops? Here are a few trousers suitable for matching sports tops, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Option one: light blue straight jeans

Jeans have straight, small feet and wide-legged styles. Among them, straight-leg jeans are more tailored to the leg shape. Light blue straight-leg jeans are also the most worn one. They are suitable for sports tops in various colors.

How to match a sports top

Option two: black skinny jeans

Tight-fitting jeans are suitable for girls who have less fat on their legs. Black tight-fitting jeans can show the lines of the legs and will also look thin. They can also be matched with sports tops in various colors.

Option three: white nine-point sports pants

Wearing a sports top is naturally more suitable with sports pants. A white loose-women athletic wear is paired with a pair of white nine-point sports pants, which is very youthful and very western.

How to match a sports top

Option four: black cigarette pants

The trousers of the pipe pants are very leg-shaped, and they can also cover the crotch well. The black pipe pants are not picky, and they are also well matched with the top. It is suitable for sports tops in three tones of black, white and gray.

Option five: ripped denim overalls

Ripped jeans are very fashionable pants. Ripped denim overalls are more fashionable on the basis of age reduction. An off-white spliced sports jacket is worn, which is very fashionable and casual.

Option six: black nine-point ripped micro-flared pants

Flared pants are retro-looking trousers. Micro-flared trousers are very popular now. Black nine-point ripped micro-flared trousers with black or white sports tops are also very thin and fashionable.

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