How to run in the heat?

Warm weather is a good time for you to run to high speeds. But when the weather becomes hot and humid, it can also be a challenge. Although it looks like you are slowing down, if you run with the heat instead of trying to beat it, the heat will make you stronger. Consider these hot running techniques to keep you cool this summer and optimize your performance.

How to run in the heat

Adjust your body to adapt to the hot weather: Develop a training plan to gradually adapt your body to the hot summer weather. Spring is the ideal time to prepare. Because starting from spring, the number of sunny days will gradually increase. According to your specific level, develop a training plan for several weeks and train according to it.

Try to choose a cool place for running or wait until the temperature is low. You can choose to run in the morning (before going to work) or at night, so as to avoid the high temperature. Look for shady places (parks, forest trails, etc.). Your body will gradually get used to the hot weather.

Shorten your warm-up exercise: Compared with winter, you can shorten the time for warm-up exercise in summer. Your muscles will speed up the warm-up preparation due to the increase in ambient temperature. Adjust the warm-up exercise according to the outdoor temperature and the feeling of the body.

Wear breathable, loose-fitting clothes: You are better to wear breathable, loose-fitting clothes when running. If you run in a warm environment, your body will be prone to heatstroke. Summer running clothes are specially designed for hot weather. The fabric uses professional technology to wick away sweat and accelerate the evaporation of heat.

Before running and during running, try to lower your body temperature: before running, you can lower your body temperature by taking a lukewarm shower. It is especially useful for people who run after a day’s work. If you feel too hot while running, you can wet your clothes and hair first.

How to run in the heat

Replenish yourself with adequate water before and during running: this is very important for maintaining the best condition during running! Regardless of the season, runners must take care to hydrate themselves, even when they are not running. In fact, your body is not getting enough water when you are not running. Therefore, you must drink enough water before training starts.

Important: Don't wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. When you feel thirsty, it means that your body has lost 1% of water, which is equivalent to losing 10% of body functions. In order to maintain the best condition, you can drink water in small sips, about once every ten minutes.

Remember: long-distance running or fast running in hot weather will not only lose water, but also lose minerals. Runners must replenish lost electrolytes for the body to maintain endurance levels, and can drink some carbohydrate-rich energy drinks (approximately 50g carbohydrates per liter).

Wearing a hat: Wearing a hat can effectively prevent the sun's rays from being exposed, and it can also help you expel the heat of your body through your head.

Protect your eyes and skin from the sun: the main danger under the sun is sunburn! Use sunscreen with high SPF (at least SPF20) to protect the skin on your face, arms and legs. Just like other parts of the body, the eyes are also affected by the intense rays of the sun. When running, it is recommended to wear suitable sunglasses, which can help prevent headaches and blurred vision.

Don't overestimate your abilities. As soon as you notice symptoms of heat stroke, you should stop practicing immediately!

Heatstroke can have serious consequences for your health. Heat and humidity are the two major factors that raise your body temperature. Every runner should understand what the initial symptoms of heatstroke are (such as nausea, dizziness, headache, disorientation and extreme fatigue, etc.). Once these symptoms are found, they must stop exercising and take a rest in the shade.

After the exercise, you should gradually lower your body temperature: after running, don’t go to the shower right away, your body needs to cool down slowly. You can sprinkle some water on your body and drink a high-carbohydrate beverage to replenish the lost energy.

Remember: In general, heat and the sun are good for the body. However, these elements of nature will become very dangerous if you do not take proper protection during exercise. There are many sunscreen methods to choose from, and there are many methods that can help you dissipate heat and prevent your body from absorbing too much heat, including sunscreen, constant hydration so that your body slowly adapts.

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