How to Take Care of Your Leggings?

To ensure that you take care of your beloved leggings the best, a series of cleaning tips are given in this blog. Summer is the season of heat and sweat, but it is worth it because you have achieved your fitness goals. It is a piece of clothing in our closet, and we use it in and out of the gym almost every day. But do you know how to clean them properly and maintain their lifespan? That's why this blog is here to help you. Leggings are incredibly versatile, let alone comfortable clothing. But don't worry, read this blog and see how to keep them with you forever.  Sportfit Weart wholesale leggings manufacturer has launched an impressive collection, you can check it out.

1. Make sure your leggings are dry. Since they are made of hygroscopic materials to keep you dry, they are likely to get wet after a day or week of rigorous exercise. This may produce a musty smell and even cause bacteria to accumulate. Therefore, after each use, it is best to rinse with running water.

 how to take care of your leggings

2. To make sure your sports leggings look and feel new, keep your clothes away from the dryer and hang them to dry. The artificial heating of the oil pan will deform individual threads of the fabric, deform the clothes, and reduce the quality of the clothes. Therefore, let them air-dry to maintain freshness and longevity.

3. Never use fabric softener. This is because most softeners contain silicone, which can form a coat on the fabric and weaken the fabric's breathability and perspiration ability. Even if you accidentally wash your leggings, don’t be nervous, because a good rinse under warm water can help remove the leggings.

4. You can choose to wash partly instead of washing the whole piece of clothing. It is possible that when the leggings are not completely dirty, there are some stains in different places. This ensures that you clean the spots well and prevent the stains from spreading to other areas.

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