Shaping Leggings and Yoga Clothes Become Hot Search Words in 2021

In recent years, more and more consumers have paid more and more attention to the sports fashion industry. Sports fashion has also become an important sector dominating the development of the fashion industry. According to statistics, in the beginning of 2021, the number of searches related to sportswear clothing keywords on the platform has increased by 59%.

Shaping Leggings and Yoga Clothes Become Hot Search Words in 2021

γ€€γ€€ Consumer demand for shaping leggings has been increasing in recent years. On the Lyst platform, searches related to shaping leggings have increased by 15% at the beginning of this year. On the platform, an average of 35 sports tights are sold every hour, and the average consumer spending on shaping tights has increased by 17% year-on-year. Not only that, but also words related to shaping leggings, such as "shaping", "lifting" and other keywords, the search volume has also increased by 392%, similar to SweatyBetty, SPANX and AloYoga brand waist shaping and shaping The pageviews of tight pants products have risen sharply.

γ€€γ€€ At the same time, consumers' demand for waist tights is also increasing. The search volume for waist tights has increased by 65% ​​year-on-year, which is a record high in history. Moreover, even consumer demand for one-piece tights is increasing. In 2019, consumer demand for dance wear and one-pieces has increased by 83%.

γ€€γ€€As the sport of yoga has become more and more popular, more and more consumers are now practicing yoga. At the same time, the corresponding yoga clothing is also sought after by the public. Consumers also like to post their yoga photos on social networking sites.

γ€€γ€€Many yoga clothing brands began to create more new yoga clothing, so that many yoga clothing is no longer limited to yoga scenes, but also suitable for daily life. With brands like Lululemon, BeyondYoga, etc., will be enthusiastically loved by consumers in 2021. According to this trend, the outlook for yoga clothing is bright.

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γ€€γ€€ As the boundaries between sportswear and daily wear are becoming blurred, sportswear in the future may not be limited to fashion, but may have more functionality.

γ€€γ€€ Consumers' demand for leggings with pockets and zippers will increase. Data shows that searches for shaping leggings with pockets have increased by 180%, while searches for shaping leggings with zippers have increased by 76%. At the same time, consumers' demand for fashionable sports leggings is also increasing. In last year's Double Eleven, the search volume for fashionable leggings has increased by 250%.

γ€€γ€€ In 2019, because the famous American actress Jennifer Lopez wore a pair of metallic rose yoga pants, in the following twenty-four hours, the search volume of this metallic shiny pants product increased by 33%. For now, it can be seen that consumers now have a very large demand for sportswear, but at the same time, they hope that the sportswear can be fashionable, practical, and so on.

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