The Difference Between Sports Bras and Ordinary Bras

What is sports bras?

The starting point of the design of sports bras is to meet the needs of women's exercise, to reduce the shaking of the chest as much as possible during exercise, reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on the breast, and at the same time can absorb sweat at any time to keep the body surface dry. Get a comfortable exercise process.

When you shopping in sporting wear stores, the sellers may introduce it for you. Different from sports vests and daily underwear, the structure of sports bras combines ergonomics and fabric characteristics, and the design focuses on functionality. The front of sports bra is mostly U-neck and V-neck. The back style as the core design structure is mainly a wide shoulder strap cross structure and a composite jersey back structure.

The Difference Between Sports Bras and Ordinary Bras

The difference between sports bras and ordinary bras

From the perspective of the composition of the fabric: ordinary underwear is mostly cotton, linen fiber, etc., and more will have lace, which is mainly comfortable and beautiful.

The fabric components of sports bras are mostly full nylon, polyester-spandex, polyester-nylon, etc. The fabric has good abrasion resistance, and the dense texture can better tie the chest and avoid the suspensory ligament caused by the shaking of the chest. Taking into account the moisture wicking requirements of sports, there will be some composite fabrics: for example, the cotton knitted structure close to the skin is to absorb sweat, and the outer layer is polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics for better sweat wicking. And what is different from everyday bras is that in order to keep the pores fresh and wick away sweat quickly, the inner lining and back structure of sports underwear are mostly breathable mesh.

The Difference Between Sports Bras and Ordinary Bras

From the perspective of fabric structure: sports bra is mostly knitted structure, elastic weft-knitted jersey, rib structure or warp-knitted mesh with good fixation.

From the perspective of the dividing line: the chest dividing line of the core part of sports underwear is either a structural line that conforms to the trend of muscle movement, or it is to avoid the dividing line from rubbing against the chest with a molded structure.

From the functional design point of view: the shoulder straps of sports underwear are wider than ordinary bras, and the splicing lines are avoided as much as possible on the shoulder straps. Even if there are splicing lines, they are placed at the back of the middle (behind the shoulders) to prevent friction. Shoulder, avoid abrasions at the joints with the greatest range of motion. The design of the back takes into account the anti-slip properties, and most of them are stable structures such as I-shaped, composite or cross. The edges of sports underwear, such as the neckline and cuffs, will be wrapped, and then zigzag or double stitch stitching will be added to make the edges more smooth and fit the body and prevent the bra from running out of style.

How to measure a good sports bra?

Speaking of reducing the movement of the chest, most women may feel that the bra is tight enough to press the chest to reduce the effect of shaking. Indeed, this is the principle of vest-style sports underwear. Women with small breasts can adapt very well, but for women with large breasts (C and above), inclusive sports underwear is still needed. But relying only on sports underwear to constrict the chest is extremely uncomfortable, which will make you feel chest tightness during exercise, and the exercise effect will be greatly reduced.

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