This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021

Whether you're wearing sportswear like leggings, cycling shorts, or fun outfits for exercise, business trips or relaxation time, these are key elements in a modern wardrobe. Of course, every spandex product is a must-have product for sweating sports, but after a year like 2020, they are more popular than ever for afternoon outings, weekend leisure, and work at home. The 2021 sportswear trend will also put you on stylish undershirts-in other words, now is the best time to buy sportswear, such as sports bras, warmers and tights.

Bandier's senior vice president of design Ardith Singh said that for fitness enthusiasts and novices, the pandemic is prompting people to pay more attention to staying healthy. She said: "We have seen the trend of embracing personal health journeys and welcoming athletes where they are today." With the increase in exercise at home, the number of sportswear has also greatly increased. Singh said: "In 2021, all sportswear will surpass the gym."
Her hottest predictions for 2021 include fashionable and avant-garde silhouettes, sustainable fabrics and interesting finishes such as shiny and bright colors. Bandier's designer added: "2021 (these trends) is optimistic; embrace unapologetic boldness!"

Chelsea Ball, a senior buyer of MATCHESFASHION, supports sportswear trends in daily life. She pointed out that sportswear is practical, comfortable and fashionable. She said: "Our idea of replacing sports equipment with daily clothing has changed." "Our daily uniforms have changed, and we have seen sportswear seamlessly integrate with the fashion in our closet."
Take a look at Singer and Bauer's predictions for fitness fashion in 2021, from must-wear tops to essential fabrics to fashionable silhouettes that will continue to be popular.

Fashion-Forward Silhouettes This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021

Fashion-Forward Silhouettes

Singh said that asymmetry, multiple shoulder straps and hollowed out details are very popular in 2021, which is inspired by the dramatic increase in the catwalk, and Bauer pointed out that long-line bras will continue to be popular. Singh said: "(These features) enhance the tried-and-tested dynamic silhouette. Pair these fashion-forward designs with your favorite leggings and wear them in virtual classrooms and social distancing (the third layer will be better." !)

Biker Shorts This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021

Biker Shorts

Cycling enthusiasts, cheer, according to Singer and the power company, the bottom of 2021 will be very strong. If you are still hesitant to give it a try, a pair of classic blacks is a perfect try. For hardcore fans, you can choose soft-colored, printed or metallic shoes to match. Shop best biker shorts for women

Jumpsuits This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021


What is one of the most daring silhouette trends now? Sports jumpsuits, from ballet-style tights to color-block jumpsuits. Bauer said that this trend will continue into 2021.

Matching Sets This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021

Matching Sets

If you are born for matching sets, the good news is that they will be launched in 2021. Singh told us: "Whether it is sports or sweating, we absolutely love dressing from head to toe, and strongly believe that this trend will continue." From fitness classes to business trips, this is a way of matching clothes together. A foolproof way to look at unexpected shades, color blocks and ribbed fabrics to give your outfit a new look.

This Leggings Trend Is The Next Big Thing For 2021

Minimal Designs

Those who like simple styles will appreciate the continuing trend of clean lines and solid colors in sportswear in 2021. Bauer told us: "What we see is sportswear with fewer prints and patterns, and a simpler aesthetic."

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