What is seamless clothing?

These year, you may notice the seamless yoga set or seamless sportswear are very popular in sporting wear stores.

And what is seamless clothing?

Seamless garments are produced by weft knitting using novel special equipment. They are basically one-time-formed women's wear. The high-tech technology for producing high-elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and high elastic sportswear such as   is used to make the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts No seams required.

What is seamless clothing

Seamless underwear is a complete knitted product produced by a machine through specific programming, so that it does not require any cutting and stitching, and different organizational structures are added to different parts of the product. The design changes with the change of human personality. Different parts produce different squeezing effects, the whole body is comfortable, and there is no mark on the body. Wearing it will produce body shaping or functional health care.

In layman's terms, seamless underwear is the same as the socks worn in normal times. It is woven in a whole circle. The sides are not cut, so there is no stitching. Moreover, there are woven parts on the chest and buttocks, which are three-dimensional clothing.

Features of seamless clothing:

1. The fabric composition is generally: the ground yarn is nylon. Cotton or other natural fibers, the veil is elastic yarn;

2. Close-fitting and seamless: magical seamless design, comfortable to wear and no trace, caring for the skin;

3. Body sculpting: unique functions such as breast support, waist slimming, hip lift, straight back, etc.;

4. Moisture conductive and breathable: 100% cotton fabric, sweat-absorbing and breathable, keeping the skin dry and comfortable;

5. Fashionable and beautiful: the shape is simple but noble, and the appearance is simple but elegant.

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