Why do we need to wear sport bras?

When you first started working out or shopping in sporting wear stores, did you ever wonder why you should wear sports bras?

The answer is simple: fix the chest to prevent them from shaking too much. The bigger the chest, the more you will experience it.

Why do we need to wear sport bras

The breast is composed of breast, fat and connective tissue. There is no muscle inside the breast. The skin and a connective tissue called Cooper’s ligament are the only supporting structures (Cooper’s ligament is also known as the suspensory ligament of the breast. Connect breast skin and chest deep fascia to maintain female breast shape). But this ligament is as thin and elastic as a rubber band, so once the breast is injured, it is irreversibly repaired! The deep layer of the superficial fascia is located on the deep surface of the breast, and is connected to the superficial layer of the pectoralis major fascia with loose tissue, which is called the posterior breast space. It can make the breast relatively fixed, but also can have a certain degree of mobility on the chest wall.

About 56% of women have experienced chest pain in different types of sports. Especially women with big breasts will feel pain without exception. Therefore, regardless of age, breast size or type of exercise, sports underwear should be worn during exercise.

The cause of chest pain during exercise mainly comes from the horizontal and vertical movements. The horizontal movement can be relieved by wearing tighter sports bras; but the vertical movement is not affected by the degree of tightness and lifting of the underwear.

Studies have shown that wearing general underwear for sports can only reduce breast shaking by 38%; girls in sports bras can reduce breast shaking by more than 50%. For example: in high-intensity sports such as running, every kilometer we run, the movement distance of the chest is about 132 meters. Without the protection of suitable sports underwear, it is very easy to cause soft tissue fiber strain (hard to get Repair), which will eventually cause sagging and sagging.

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