Why do you have to wear sports pants for fitness?

If you have been involved in fitness, you will often see some fitness people wearing leggings and then wearing a pair of shorts outside; or it is not difficult to see some celebrities doing fitness on the Internet, and they will match this way. Some people may ask, is it really necessary to wear this when exercising? Why do I have to wear workout wear for fitness? This article tells you the answer.

Why do you have to wear sports pants for fitness

First of all, what are the functions of sportswear?

Sportswear is a sportswear design that meets the needs of sports. According to what we call tights, we examine their functions from the following aspects:

1. Tights can restrain muscles

Fitness tights can also be built-in pants, from waist to toe are tights. Although when talking about tights, we think of tights worn by women, but here is the fitness tights. There is a difference between the two.

Why do you have to wear sports pants for fitness

If it is a pair of tights with good fabric, it can help the exerciser support the muscles when running, squatting, riding, and jumping. It can also reduce muscle vibration and jitter. Theoretically, the loss of capacity can be reduced. Data from another study showed that if the exerciser puts on tights to achieve a good and proper state, that is, a good tightening effect (not too loose or too tight), this can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and improve blood circulation. Helps recovery after fitness exercises.

2. Leggings with good fabric can not only reduce muscle jitter

A pair of tights with good fabrics also has a good function of keeping warm and wicking away sweat. This will improve the comfort of the body during exercise and ensure that the body is more flexible. Especially in winter, the body becomes "stiff". Wearing tights can keep warm and relieve stiffness.

3. Prevent friction at the roots of the thighs

Some people are used to long-term aerobic training, such as running. If you wear some ordinary underwear or cotton underwear often, it is easy to absorb a lot of sweat during exercise, causing friction on the inner skin of the thigh, causing "skinning", and even damage to some skin and wounds. This problem can be solved by wearing fitness tights with better fabrics.

Under the condition of not affecting fitness, some people will choose not to wear pants, first wear long fitness tights and then wear sports shorts. Of course, this is completely a personal habit, because in the long-term aerobic training, the material of the shorts is not good, and the friction problem mentioned above will occur.

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